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DUDE! I HAVE 230 MEMBERS! *does the happy dance*


Okay, okay, I'm working on some icons and a new layout for you guys, so just sit tight. Speaking of the new layout I'm working on, it'll be similar to the one that I'm using over at my own journal, so I need some ideas! Tell me who/what you want to see, and I'll see if I can make a few headers and you can choose which one you want when I post the overrides. Any other suggestions? Give 'em!

Check out lifetracks, where you can post the soundtrack to your life.

EDIT: I should have thought of this before, but if you have one (or more) specific picture(s) in mind, feel free to post them as a suggestion. The picture must be 540x260 PX or larger (like the header in my journal).
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