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2 Ville Valo
4 Queer As Folk + 1 (extremely simple) Wallpaper (all Brian/Justin)

- My resources are listed here.
- The wallpaper is for personal use only.
- Do not hotlink or edit. Textless icons are not bases.
- Comment and credit oh_aestheticism if you take any.

005 006
001 002 003 004


That right there is the first wallpaper that I've ever made, so yes, it is simple... too simple crappy simple even. But I like it, so there it is. 100x100 is easier to work with.

I like making layouts better...
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So pretty.. you should do a tutorial for icons 3 and 6.

Lol, I used a tutorial to make those. Here :)
Lol, thanks for the link! Her tuts are always great.
nice icons, i might snag the second ville one. ^.^
Hello :)
Sorry im new so im not sure where to post this :
I have a problem with the override code you gave for the community layout. ):
I dont know what seems to be the problem. The sidebar content doesn't seem to come out, so the sidebar is practically blank. I have a free account only, and when I took the sponsored+free account, this starts to appear :

userinfo | livejournal userinfo ]
[ calendar | livejournal calendar ]

Must I get a paid account to be able to use that layout?

Sorry for this, I really dont know where to post, and I've checked the whole of this website ):

Please help! Thanks loads<3

First, you need a website in your userinfo. That should fix the sidebar/other problem. But as you are using a sponsered+ account, I can't say for sure that the layout will work correctly. You do not need a paid account for this layout. It was made for free accounts; the problem is that you are not free, you are sponsered+, and the ads are messing the layout up further, as they have messed up a lot of other layouts.
Thanks sooooo much.
Its working now :D:D

Deleted comment

Here is an icon table generator. You can use it to make a similar table. The "see the rest here" part - do you mean the lj-cut tag? You put <lj-cut> if you want to put things under a cut, so they aren't visible on the main page of the journal. The table gets inserted right under the cut.

Does that explain everything or was there something else? :)

Deleted comment

This is pretty much the code I used in this entry:

Write whatever you want to appear on your journal here. I wrote about what kinds of icons I had made, my resources, what I wanted by way of credit, and I also gave an example.

<center><img src="example.png"></center>


<center>your icon table here</center>

You can write something here... it will only appear on the comment page.


This text appears under the "Read more..." lj-cut link on your main journal page.

Deleted comment

I love this community. I'm joining!
Love the QAF icons and your wallpaper. How did you get the rectangle with rounded edges? I really like the effect!
Taking #6 will cred.<3