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Style: generator
Website: needed
Custom Colors: none
Default Icon: compatible
Best view: 1024x768
Browser(s) Compatible: IE, Mozilla, others?
Credit: It's in the layout, don't remove it.

Free Image Hosting at
& here for a limited time

Image(s): They're hosted at imageshack, but I suggest you upload them to your own server just in case. Imageshack is free and easy to use.

"header" image
leave a comment image
read comments image
add to memories image
edit entry image


FIRST, for the comment images to appear spaced the way they do in the preview, you will need to add &*nbsp; (minus the star) in between each of the images. I used &*nbsp; thirteen times.

Replace USERNAME with your username, and put in links where I have made room for them. Do not remove the credit. Find and replace is your friend, people!

You can replace the header image if you'd like. The easiest way to do this would be to save the image I used, make your own header, and then copy and paste your image on top of my image. The picture of HIM (minus the white border and dotted gray outline) is 480 x 280 pixels. The entire image is 511 x 302 is pixels.

If you change this layout in any way, you must still credit me for the original overrides. If you still need help, feel free to ask.
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